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Big River Pizza will be adding Surcharge

Effective 10/26/23

We provide a stable work environment with fair and equitable wages for our team. To ensure this, we will be adding a 15% surcharge to each dine-in and take-away ticket, 10% for online orders, and no surcharge fee for third-party delivery. This allows us to compensate our team according to job expectations, performance, development, and leadership abilities. 100% of this charge is used to pay our team. Tips are no longer an expectation. We will be eliminating tipping in order to align with our core values of equal pay for equal work. Pursuant to Minnesota Statute Section 177.23, subdivision 9, this charge is not a gratuity for employee service.

Why a surcharge, and what does it mean?

Adding a 15% surcharge to dine-in and takeaway orders (10% for online orders) covers the higher wages we pay our staff who are currently negatively affected by the wage spiral (wages not keeping up with inflation). The Twin Cities is moving toward a $15/hr minimum wage, which we believe is the LEAST amount someone needs to earn as a livable income. We start our base pay at $15/hr. But since everyone at Big River Pizza is paid based on job duty/title and experience, some staff earn more than the minimum wage.

As a side note, it is true that the cost of food increases over time with inflation. We have always adjusted menu prices to reflect the cost of food and will continue to do so. But we want to be straightforward about the surcharge being separate from the cost of inflation.

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"I now ordered twice before reviewing, just to make sure I can back up this statement: I moved here from NY and I had given up on finding good pizza in the twin cities area, until I found this pizzeria. This place has literally blown my mind! The pizza is exactly like the one in NY! The dough is absolutely perfect, thin but flavorful and perfectly cooked. The cheese they use is absolutely amazing. Over all, wow! Amazing! Absolutely!"

-Antonella Santoro